Hotel Policies for guests with pets

GOLDEN PLAZA hotel (hereinafter referred to as the "Hotel") has the following policies for guests with pets.

General Terms:

  1. The following pets are allowed in the hotel: dogs of fancy breeds weighing up to 6 kg (hereinafter referred to as "Dogs of fancy breeds"), as well as working dogs and guide dogs (hereinafter referred to collectively as an animal or pet). Dogs of fancy breeds can stay in the hotel room with you the consent of the hotel administration only. Without consent of the hotel administration, you can stay with the working dog if you present the document confirming your employment with the dog service of the federal executive authority and a document confirming special training of the working dog, and you can also stay with the guide-dog if you present the document confirming that you are visually impaired, and a document confirming special training of the guide dog.
  2. If you are staying at the hotel with a pet, you should read "Hotel policies for guests with pets" and put you signature to accept these policies.
  3. You can stay with a pet only if you have an international veterinary passport (the form of the passport and the requirements for its registration are established by the single veterinary (veterinary and sanitary) requirements imposed to the goods which are subject to veterinary control (supervision) approved by the Commission of the Customs Union No. 317 dd. June 18, 2010), containing information about the animal and its owner, as well as information on the required vaccinations and prophylactic immunization, and more than 30 days and less than 12 months should pass after the date of vaccination against rabies.
  4. The owner of the animal shall in advance, prior to booking or checking in, notify the hotel administration of his intention to stay with a pet. The guest shall provide information about his pet (breed, age, size, weight and other special characteristics) and find out if there are any special terms for staying with a pet at the moment.
  5. You will be charged extra for staying with a pet: the room price, regardless of its category + 1000 rubles/night.  
  6. All categories of rooms are available for guests with pets.

If you are staying with an animal, you shall bear the following obligations:

  1. You shall have a special container (cage) for the animal and a special sleeping mat.
  2. You shall bring special dishes to feed your animal.
  3. You shall bring a litter box or other special mats if required.
  4. You shall walk your dog with a muzzle and a collar on and on a leash.
  5. You shall make sure that the animal is not in the room when the room is cleaned or minor repairs are done and you shall hang out the corresponding sign on the door of your room. If the sign is not there, these services and work will not be carried out.
  6. If you leave your animal in the room alone, you shall put it in a special container (cage) and notify the hotel staff.

Restrictions for guests staying with a pet:

  1. You cannot walk your animal on the hotel territory.

You cannot feed or water your animal using the dishes belonging to the Hotel.